Martial Arts – Still Relevant?

Have a look at the following statement about Karate from a 15 year old Karate student in the Dojo I train in:

It doesn’t only teach you self-defense, it also has side benefits such as self- discipline and patience and also it makes you physically and mentally stronger.

Self-discipline, patience and physical and mental strength – not things he’s going to get from his iPad or online gaming. For a couple of times a week this young man enters the dojo where there’s no texting, surfing, browsing or YouTube. Now, it goes without saying that there is a place in his life for technology, but as of late technology is turning younger people into one-dimensional life-surfers: it’s becoming their identity.

In my opinion, this is one reason the Dojo is more relevant and necessary now than ever. A true Dojo (there are plenty of pseudo-dojos out there) is a place where you commit yourself to being taught, to respecting others, face time is human to human, and there is a common goal: being better at Karate – being better yourself.

As a friend of mine who is a green belt recently said: “Not everyone gets it, but MA changed my life. This is what I needed.”

Sometimes we get lost in the thinking that technology is our only means to progress, but what is it exactly were trying to progress toward? Satisfaction isn’t attaining a goal that exists in the future. Success is immersing yourself in this moment and enjoying the step you are taking right now.

See you in the Dojo (where we keep it real)…