Dig Deep


“A primary principle of Budo is the destruction of a person in one blow. Given that karate is no exception from this rule, it is therefore that the training must be severe.” Budo the Art of Killing 1978

Severe training? How many of us would consider our training as severe? Does it need to be? Are we pushing ourselves enough? Should we find a balance?

Sensei Wayne Lee, 7th Dan, says that there are times when we need to push ourselves to exhaustion and then still find a way to continue, that this is where we cultivate a Budo spirit.

I think it’s possible to cheat in terms of the physical element of modern Karate, but in doing so, we’re only cheating ourselves.  In reality Musashi was right when he said ‘You can only fight the way you practice.’

Fight here not only refers to physical confrontation. Fight is the stance you take when life throws you a curve ball. Once or twice a week in the dojo where you’re simply going through the movements without any concerted effort won’t develop your karate much, let alone anything else.

In terms of training yourself to be strong, I know a man who underwent major, multiple surgeries that would have left most men barely mobile, let alone active. How do I know this guy? He’s the Sensei in my Dojo.

It is my experience that you’ll never find your personal treasure if you don’t dig deep.