“Everyone has a plan, ’til they get hit.” – Mike Tyson

In my Dojo there are Karateka who can, in a flash, inflict formidable shock or pain on you if they chose to do so. Having said that, we don’t train recklessly, but we do take and deliver some pretty good strikes, bangs, ‘blocks’, kicks and punches. As one of my Sensei puts it, “In here we strike with controlled impact. In real life we strike through the opponent. “

I believe that if we have no idea of how to effectively use our bodies to absorb and deflect the impact and shock from an attack, we are not training very effectively. After all, who among us is good enough to go to a competition – or defend ourselves in a real confrontation – without ever taking a couple of knocks?

Here again, we have to disassociate: if your mind goes to the area of your body where you just got hit, there is a gap – you’ve leaving an opening to be attacked again.

These gaps in your own defenses, or in your opponents, are where fights are won or lost.

In Karate we use everything as forward-moving energy… A tap in the gut or a knock here or there shouldn’t change that.