Timing…a new consideration

Last night Sensei instructed us on a higher-level concept involving sequential attacks. The ren tsukiconcept is one were we use the opponent’s body’s reaction to an initial strike, shock or surprise, to make the second attack a more effective one. Illustrations of this concept could be to use the jab as a ‘fake’ to set up the attack with the opposite hand. Another is to make slight contact with the opponent and then deliver the subsequent attack, this may be a ‘fake’ or ‘block’ (or even a grab) with the lead hand and then a devastating palm-heel strike or reverse punch with the other.

The key is timing.

In the fraction of time that the opponent is distracted by the initial technique, or is absorbing shock or pain from it (ex, a jab to the throat), you capitalize and deliver the second, more powerful technique.

So, the next time you’re doing the Ren Tsuki  in Kanku Dai you should give it some thought.  We have a Senpai in our dojo who can devastate you with the Ren Tsuki for two reasons 1) his first punch is like lightening and 2) his second is like a high-speed lead projectile. The time between his techniques is such that just as you’re reacting to the first punch you get nailed with the second.

Mastering a technique is important in Shotokan…but the timing of them is paramount!