Learning…not from teaching

For part of the class last Thursdays’ class our Senpai didn’t teach us anything. Odd, eh?

CaptureYou see, what he did do was give us two Kata, told us to run through them and then pick one of them apart and look for application of the moves (bunkai). He then left us to our own devices and my partner and I did just that, and in doing so found a deeper understanding of Jion Kata.

In this exercise we went through the process of team work, investigation and discovery. By taking time to analyze the moves, we were able to compromise and blend our opinions and come up with what we felt was the usefulness of some of Jion’s techniques.

Karate – and Kata – is the process of discovery, and being given the opportunity in the Dojo to exercise your ability to analyze your Karate is an invaluable exercise.

Part of learning is utilizing what you already know to know more…