Higher Principles

In reading a book called Power vs Force by David W. Hawkins I found an interesting segment on the Martial Arts. Here is one Quote: “Athletes in the traditional Martial Arts employ specific exercises to overcome any tendency toward egotism. The dedication of one’s skill, performance or career to a higher principle provides the only absolute protection.”
This relates directly of course to the concept by Funakoshi of the “perfection of oneself.” Dr Hawkins states that in order to reach any elevated goals, personal or in the Martial Arts, one has to have ‘lofty principles’ meaning that if you’re simply training to win fights or be better than someone else you can never truly master the Art. He states “True athletic power is characterized by grace, sensitivity, inner quiet, and paradoxically, gentleness in the noncompetitive lives of even fierce competitors. We celebrate the champion because we recognize that he has overcome personal ambition through sacrifice and dedication to higher principles.”
May sound a bit philosophical, but if we simply look around our dojos at Sensei and Sempai who have been training for years, one thing becomes clear: they overcame ego a long time ago and self-ambition is checked at the door. They are there to give back to those of us willing to learn.
They have done countless competitions and have surpassed many milestones in the Shotokan world, and now, fortunately for us, their intention is to awaken awareness in is – awareness that mastering any Art is about mastering oneself.