Fan the Flame

One of my favorite quotes is one by Rumi, A mystic from the 13th century. Part of the quote is this: “Seek those who fan your flames”
300px-Candles_flame_in_the_wind-other1In relating this to Karate, an enormous part of Shotokan appeal is training with those who fan your flames, and who also keep the karate fire alive in you. A Shotokan Dojo is a place where you get continuous and consistent guidance; you are training under a Sensei who is a true master; and there is inspiration all around you.
Negativity and dismal attitudes won’t fan your flames. In fact, they diminish it. On the other hand, training with people who are excited about Karate (and truly believe in it as a fighting method and as self-care) has positive consequences. You feel better, your skills are sharper and your desire to learn more is awakened.

Of course, in the Dojo, as in life, we need to be the fan that ignites others, as well as receive it.