A Picture of your Strength

If you were to think about it, sound causes an immense array of reactions in us. If someone was to shout at you out of sheer anger and catch you by surprise, your brain immediately sends signals to your body and you react.  You may wince, you may be startled or it may make you angry yourself. In either case, the sound gets a reaction.

In class last night we were examining sound and vocalizations. Sensei Lee threw this out there: “Sound is a picture of your strength; if you don’t sound strong, you are not strong.”

xfoq4l_2Sound is part of your presence – your deportment that sends a clear and vital message to your opponent. In competition or in an altercation, your sound needs to send this aggressive message: you chose the wrong opponent today, friend!

It is said that the sword master Musashi had a verbalization so strong that he won several battles without a single cut with his sword. His Kiai, or battle cry, left many opponents without the spirit or resolve to stand and fight.

Sensei Lee stresses that while on the outside you are soft and calm, on the inside you are revving like an engine, verbalizing your energy, ready to deliver Ikken Hissatsu.

Not to mention, of course, that verbalizing stabilizes your breathing…