Oss! Okinawa

“A strong storm swerved toward Japan’s heavily populated main islands Wednesday after slamming through the southern islands of Okinawa, where it dumped heavy rain, knocked out power and injured at least 32 people. The storm also elevated rainfalls in other areas of the country, leaving two people dead.”

OkinawaIn reading the news this week of the ravaging storms in Okinawa, I thought it fitting to take some time to do a little reading on the history of our Karate in Okinawa again – to refresh myself with it. Okinawa, the birthplace where the pieces of our Karate were assembled, is known for its resilience and determination. Not unlike our Shotokan.

Okinawa has survived invasions, wars, typhoons and all manner of storms and yet it – and its people – remains. It seems fitting then that we take the lesson of Okinawa’s resilience and apply it to our dedication to reserving the traditions of Shotokan, to our Karate training and to our everyday lives.

This blog is a shout out to the people of Okinawa, past and present. Your resilience has fostered Martial Arts that are grown out of soil that is steeped in strength and tradition. You will recover and thrive again.

Oss, Okinawa… “Nothing real is ever lost.”