The Study of Karate

Last night I sat and watched a video of Dan Kata by Hirokazu Kanazawa. In particular I watched Jion, Tekki Nidan and Kanku Dai. Yes, I’ve seen the video a thousand times, but every time I watch it I get something more out of it. Like every great teacher, Kanazawa Sensei imparts little pieces of refinement that every Karateka can use in their training, and he also does some excellent and creative applications for techniques in the Kata.
NowBubishi, watching videos is no substitute for training, but research in the form of reading and watching is an essential component of your karate, I believe. Seeing different teaching styles, studying different interpretations of techniques and listening to different Shotokan philosophies are all pieces of the puzzle that we call training.
So, on a regular basis I’ll sit down with my treasured Bubishi and study a few passages from it, or I’ll watch a seasoned Shotokan Master demonstrate some real karate. In both cases I am keeping my Karate warm (as Nishiyama Sensei would say).
Karate starts in the mind….Bubishi Quote

(Patrick McCarthy)