Monthly Archives: April 2015

Too eager for change?

I came across this quote recently and it stuck with me:

“Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Seek what they sought.”

~Matsuo Basho

Like many karate-ka, I get caught up sometimes in wondering if there is more to karate than I am currently doing, or being taught. I wonder if we have become stagnant. But just as I am in that frame of mind, a Sempai or Sensei says something, or demonstrates something that reassures me that the Karate I am immersed in is like an ocean: deep and wide.

And now, as I approach my Nidan testing and continue on down this path, I will keep in mind that there is a reason that I am still being taught a certain Shotokan style, in a certain way…It is because it is timeless and has always worked.

My Sensei and Senior Sempai are still learning, still striving, and I can only hope to seek what they sought and continue to seek.