Hangetsu Hand

Funakoshi Sensei Lee loves to take a technique, sometimes a seemingly simple one and apply it in a real combat situation. Take the chudan haito uke, or middle, sword ridge (thumb side of hand) block: a magnificent little technique that serves a double purpose. First, as Sensei Lee stresses its application, is to defend quickly and almost without effort from a punch (especially a Jodan attack), where you almost draw the attacking arms in and only moving slightly to redirect its energy. And secondly, it is a precautionary hand position when delivering something like a reverse punch. After all, as black belts, it makes no sense to deliver an attack with your draw arm pulled back to your side, opening up your entire center line. But bringing your Haito Uke up to your head as you strike allows for a fluid and fast second technique.

After a little research I found that Funakoshi Sensei did this with only his forefinger extended (as in an Ippon-ken position), but either way it is fast, effective and it works!

I am enthralled by the idea of more power and effectiveness with less movement.

So much to learn…