Where is your energy headed?

The image here illustrates something that Nishiyama Sensei used to teach, Sensei Lee teaches, and our Sempai teach: Direct your energy.

top viewShotokan is linear. It is direct. It is straight, and it wastes no energy. Hence, your feet, your eyes, your Tanden and your fist are directed to the center; to the meeting place of your focal energy point. Just as important as all of these is your intention (a good topic for my next blog). In the illustration Intention is the grey, dotted line. Intend your energy to go through your target.

Seems simple enough….But getting this concept to infiltrate your karate movements isn’t. Body connection, posture and intention are concepts that come with time.

Fortunately, in our Dojo we have senior Karate-Ka who can a) explain this concept in detail and b) can illustrate how it looks; how it works.