Shotokan Balance

“If you’re going to be involved in a confrontation, be righteous.”

That was Sensei Lee answering a question last night from a white belt about when it is ‘ok to fight.’ In essence, his reply was that it is best to walk away, but when you cannot, then you must commit.

Poise“There are reasons and situations where you cannot walk away: when the safety of a loved one is in danger; where your own safety is in danger; where a stranger is in need of your help; where the liberty of a human being is jeopardized. Those, I believe are righteous causes.”

He went on to clarify that once you have made the decision that you must stand up for yourself or for another person, you commit – your goal is simple: to end it all suddenly, to end it all fast.

Shotokan, he said, is a never-back-up Martial Art that, when mixed with intention and determination, is very difficult to defend against.

He concluded “I will teach you to fight. You have to balance that with a positive attitude and a solid character.”

I stood there thinking that the questions from the junior belts are often the most valuable…