How can your opponent know?

‘In a fight, if I don’t know what I am going to do, how can you know?’

These were words from Sensei Lee in last night’s class. He was speaking to unpredictability, and the necessity of the same. His thought is this: if you’re going into a confrontation with a preset thought as to what techniques you will use, you probably will lose! While you’re thinking, ‘I’ll probably shoot out a front kick to the chest and follow up with a reverse punch to the head,’ your opponent will have probably already have punched you in the face.

You don’t need a plan. You need to maintain composure (breathe) and stay aware. Your opponent is your trigger: A) They give you an opening via Kyo such as changing position, or telegraphing an attack or B) you make an opening by attacking their lead hand and attacking, or by parrying an attack (that you bring out of them) and delivering a strike.

Nishiyama Sensei always said: “Think, and you’re too late!”

It stands to reason that repetition in training, understanding Bunkai, doing Kata  and participating in controlled Kumite will give you the tools you need – all you need to do is let you come out of you with conviction.