Reminders and Discoveries

When I think about a good karate class I think that there are three components: we’re shown what we don’t already know; we get reminded of what we already know; and we’re encouraged to take a deeper look for ourselves. I believe that once and while in the Dojo, you need to hear, ‘Now, go figure it out!’

So, we’re taught how to do karate, but we’re also taught to discover karate. The discovery part is the intriguing part – the part that makes karate a lifelong study.

gateEngineering students in the early 1930’s weren’t told specifically how to build the Golden Gate Bridge, but they were given the knowledge to figure it out: what methods and tools to use to get it done. In the end it took knowledge as well as imagination to complete.

Reminder: Your toes have to grip the floor – this eliminates the tendency to move your foot before a technique while also giving you a sense of strength

Something New: Enpi/Empi “Flying Swallow” introduced as a new kata

A Deeper Look: How is it that the transition between movements in a kata are as important as the techniques themselves

Karate is the tool box; Kata is the Golden Gate Bridge. Now, off I go to figure it out…