So, whats in a Karate move? Energy. And according to Sensei Power its ‘mmmPA!!!!’

One thing is the control and flow of energy: where and when to expend it while always keeping it churning. I used to do Kata like every move was a Kiai, exhausting myself after a single Kata during a grading. Inside I  knew it didnt make much sense – not much point in all the good karate in the world if after a few moves you’re exhausted. But the old thinking was that good karate was exemplified by physical strength.

Kata, I now believe is a series of energy flares on a continuum or a timeline. At YOI it is elevated (the ‘mmmmmmm’ gutteral feeling) and then it is maintained throughtout the sequences, with more emphasis of energy on technuiques ( the ‘PA!!!’ explosion).

Energy has to be maintained during transitions and slower waza (energy as in intention eleveated and forward moving). Dropping your energy opens you up.

The continuum I believe is Zanshin – ‘remaining mind’ or continued awareness.

I’m still working my way through all of this and to help I came up with a visual:

Energy Wave

We’re fortunate that we have Sensei who understand this stuff and can pass it on…