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9-24-2013 2-53-22 PM

Change for the Good – An accurate representation for what Shotokan is, on a number of levels.




Proud to be a Member of the WJKA.

Welcome to the Newfoundland Shotokan newsletter and blog.

I am student of Shotokan Karate, (Nidan, WJKA, NKA and Bruce Lee Karate Schools) and I am the publisher/editor of the NL Shotokan Newsletter, and a feature writer for Shotokan Magazine. The intention of the Newsletter to to provide a means of communication and discussion around Shotokan Karate.

Power Karate Hoodie.pngI currently train With Sensei Brian Power and Sensei Brian Power Sr. at:

Dojo Name: Power Karate Academy
Instructor: Sensei Brian Power (3rd Dan)
Location: Summit Centre Mount Pearl
Contact No: 709-330-9923
Email: powerkarateacademy@gmail.com
Schedule: Monday and Wednesday:
Little Ninjas (ages 4-7) Kids: 6:15 pm – 7pm
Children (ages 8-15) Juniors: 7-8 pm
Adult (age 15+): 8-9 pm

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Thoughts, comments or suggestions for upcoming newsletters are always welcomed.

(The NL Shotokan Newsletter is not a publication of any particular Shotokan Dojo)