Where it Began

Sensei Bruce Lee 
Sensei Lee
  It all started here for me with this man. I was a quiet young kid in a small town and was intruduced to Karate after my father heard about it through a friend. I spent many years with Sensei Lee who was as much a father figure as he was a Sensei. My Karate roots were planted and nurtured under his tutelage and I will be eternally grateful for that. Oss, Sensei!

I (along with my daughter) currently train with Power Karate under the instruction of Sensei Brian Power, and Sensei Brian Power Sr.  I have been fortunate to take the position of Sempai there and assist in the teaching of the junior classes – a most rewarding experience!

I am also very fortunate to attend occasional seminars offered by the amazing Sensei Toru Shimoji. Sensei Shimoji is a treasure trove of amazing karate experience and knowledge, with exceptional expertise in body movement and energy flow.

Along with all of these, I am in regular contact with Sensei Robert Remington of Chesapeake Schools of Karatedo. Sensei Remington has been a long time ally in all things karate and is always eager to assist in my karate journey.